1. Select a suitable package by clicking on purchase a package
  2. Fill in and submit the required details, don’t forget to choose our AutoSender feature which will enable your ordered newsletters to be delivered directly to your website email list subscribers
  3. Visit your email to complete the transaction then take a deep breath while we get the job done


No more worrying about newsletters

We don’t have to worry about the sanity of creating email newsletters. ActionNewsletters takes care of our email needs from A to Z

Ollvas Limited / Director

They've gone above and beyond

ActionNewsletters has gone above and beyond what we expected. They truly take time to understand a websites need and create perfect newsletters. For a platform that does so much, ActionNewsletters is incredibly easy to use plus affordable

SeminarsGo / COO

It's so easy to use

Using ActionNewsletters is as easy as loading a recharge card, the customer service is the most accessible and the newsletters hit the nail on the head. We love their proactive and professional approach; I have been blown away.

72Writers / Director

More completed orders

More than 70 percent of our users never complete their orders, with ActionNewsletters all of them now get relevant updates which has drastically increased sales. Any startup not using ActionNewsletters is doing more harm than good to their business.

Divine Help Academy / CTO

Effectiveness and Consistency

Email has always been at the heart of how we talk to our users. As a result, it’s really important to get the newsletters out quickly. ActionNewsletters has helped us  effectively and consistently do this. The best part about working with ActionNewsletters is that I don’t even have to think about it, it just works.

Aledoy Solutions / Operations Manager

Working with experts

Working with experts, mehn is really the best thing in the world... So much fuss about how to send quality newsletters to our customers was just for nothing. High-five ActionNewsletters.

Ouranos / VP Marketing

I love ActionNewsletters

I love ActionNewsletters because it reduces the pain associated with being a 3-person start-up.  Excellent customer service, no issue goes unresolved.

Rowenza LUX / President


Newsletters are perfect for keeping your customers engaged

If you want to drive more people to your website, you can’t expect that it will happen organically. You need to work actively to attract visitors, and email newsletters can help. You need to invite them, encourage and incentivize their presence if you want customers to come to your site, browse through content, and make a purchase.

ActionNewsletters is fun and easy to use

ActionNewsletters has been designed to be as easy as possible for you to understand and use with zero technical skill needed. Though our site is straightforward to use, our customer care is always happy and eager to resolve your inquiries.

The average order value of email is 3x higher than social media

Newsletter advertising is one of the most effective and least expensive forms of advertising, the average order value of an email is at least 3X higher than that of social media-McKinsey. ActionNewsletters allows your brand to create a more personal relationship with potential and existing customers. Our job is to provide your brand with top-notch newsletters that spread the word of your products/services and swiftly increase growth. Our AutoSender feature enables generated newsletters to get sent directly to your website's email subscription list. Order a suitable plan for your brand here.

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ActionNewsletters.com.ng is a leading newsletter generating and dispatching site. We’re passionate about newsletters. Every day we inspire new individuals to become loyal customers helping brands like yours grow and remain relevant. So when it comes to the perfect newsletters that positively showcase your brand's products/services, increases time spent on your website, aggressively promotes the sale of your brand's products/services - we’ve got you covered. With our ActionNewsletters AutoSender feature, we cross off one needless worry from your list. Our site is fun and simple to use and we offer world-class customer service.